Video-powered Interaction
We bring life into presentations!

Imagine a presentation.

Participants are unfocused, there is no collaboration, and note-taking is stressful rather than rewarding. After the presentation is over, the participants leave yawning.

Most people would recognize this scenario too well, and it is true for schools as well as companies.

However, we know that the capabilities of many people together, in the right circumstance, can solve incredible problems.

Our mission is to create that circumstance.


Now imagine the same presentation, but the organization now uses the Univid platform.

Through the one-click system, the presenter starts streaming the presentation with their web camera, an existing camera systems or Univid's custom camera. It's up to you.

Participants may join in from the classroom just as well as remotely and are are encouraged to collaborate and engage through shared notes, real time discussions, and quizzes.

When the presentation is over, the learning doesn’t end, as the discussion continues and everything is saved to a knowledge bank to be reviewed whenever needed, including the recorded video material, notes, questions and discussions. That is quite a resource for any organization.

And most importantly, it is so user friendly that anybody could use it.

New systems can be challenging to implement.
That is why we are with you all the way.
Jonathan Rintala
Engineer with M.Sc. in Computer Science at KTH. Creative mind with passion for web development, data analysis and building elegant digital solutions.

Erik Skogetun
Engineer with M.Sc. in Machine Learning at KTH. A true problem solver, with backend tech experience, who enjoys big data and difficult problems.

Gonzalo Uceda
Developer Intern
Studies MSc. in Human-Computer Interaction at KTH. Talent from Spain with background in Fine Arts and professional experience in front-end dev, data visualization and design.

Markus Ingemarsson
Developer Intern
Studies BSc. in Computer Science at KTH. Code talent with background at Tesla who loves solving problems and have expertise in full-stack and low-level programming.

We are located in Stockholm, Sweden
Univid is easy
96% of students who have tried Univid want to use it again
(According to a 2019 survey)
Univid works for schools as well as businesses
Univid does not just sell a product, we offer a partnership, working closely with you until Univid is used throughout your organization
Stream using webcam, existing cameras or Univid's camera
Univid's camera system is cost friendly, and built for easy installation and use at any organization
Reliable and easily accessible content storage
Collaborate with timestamped notes
Unique question and discussion functionality
Encouraging and incentivizing models for learning
"It's easy to ask questions and interact with each other through the chat."
"Univid has been really useful when I need to repeat something from a lecture"
Walkthrough of the platform
Q & A
What is the difference between Univid and other video services?
The difference is that we care. That means that we are striving for supporting partnerships rather than customers. Our endeavour is to be different from the complex and awkward systems sold by our competitors that all too often ends up in the pile of expensive investments that just one or two people in the organization really uses. Our platform is built to be extremely simple to install and use, we offer unique learning models, and we work continuously to innovate ways of improving interaction so that your presentations are utilized to their fullest potential.
Why not use Youtube / Vimeo / Facebook?
These platforms are great in their own way, but they do not offer a system which is specialized for you. You will be missing out Univid's clever workflows and integrated hardware. You will miss out on discussions, collaborative notes, quizzes and will be stuck with a one-fits-all solution. Univid provides interaction and superior access and control over your learning content.
Who is using Univid?
We have run a sucessful project at KTH. Now we are looking for new partners, both universities and private companies interested in seeing what value Univid can bring.
Does Univid have to be implemented in the entire organization?
No, Univid can be implemented in just a part of the organization. As a matter of fact, we recommend to implement it on a smaller scale first so you have the chance to really test it out before a bigger implementation.
What do I do if I am a student and want this at my school?
Reach out to us, we might have some contact at your school we could talk to.
If this sounds interesting, let us know and we'll reach out to you.

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